Get It Together: A Simple Entryway

I just love how the natural textures are repeated throughout this room (via Country Living) in the woven jute rug, arrangement of wheat and collection of straw hats. WIth such a minimalist design, it’s easy to bring this look home.

Start with a round pedestal table that you can paint in a charcoal grey, and place it in the center of the room on a new round jute rug.

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Small Town Travel Log: Shelburne Falls, MA

Shelburne Falls, MA is a charming and picturesque town right on the edge of Vermont and the Berkshire Mountains. We spent a long weekend there to celebrate Cathy’s 30th birthday and soak up some of the local culture.

HTT (Here’s The Thing): Learning Pottery

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn how to throw pottery on the wheel. There is something that feels so organic and natural about creating something by hand that you can use to serve food.

So, I signed up for a class a couple months ago and have been making clumsy attempts at structurally sound pottery for weeks!

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Armchair Junking: Garden Markers

This spring, I want to start an herb garden! I’ve been scoping out the offerings at the local farmers’ market, and I’m just trying to decide where to keep my plants. Ada loves greens and would chomp them down if within reach, so I’m looking into window boxes or a shelf indoors. I also would like some adorable labels to go with them:

1) These chalkboard painted silver spoons would be perfect for your indoor herb garden.

2) Whimsical pottery markers with adorable veggies.

More garden markers this way…

Armchair Junking: Pottery

In honor of the pottery wheel class I’ve been taking, I thought it’d be fun to round up some of my favorite vintage pottery styles to give myself something to shoot for as I’m learning. Have any of you ever thrown pots on the wheel? I’m finding it much more difficult than I thought it would be, but so much fun! Check out my pottery aspirations below.

1) This studio style pot shows exceptional craftmanship and some beautiful glazing techniques.
2) What a cool, funky shape mug!
3) I just love the shape of a well-crafted pitcher – beautiful green coloring.
4) This stunning, wide rim bowl would look lovely filled with green apples.
5) This pitcher has a perfect farm fresh breakfast feel.
6) These modest pots seem like a great model to shoot for – made even better by the subtle and earthy glaze.

Get It Together: Kitchenette with Green Details

Let’s face it – no matter how warm and inviting your living room or dining room, guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen, which is why it’s important to put together a cozy, welcoming space, like this mini model with fresh green details. This would be the perfect place to convene in the morning over a pot of coffee and some homemade biscuits.