Get It Together: A Red (Accented) Kitchen

Sometimes when I have doubts about the red accents in my kitchen, rooms like the one above from Country Living rebuild my confidence. Strip away the personal touches, and you’re left with a showroom kitchen. But as an apartment dweller, it’s important to be able to add vintage touches to any space without changing the fixtures – like these new, bright white kitchen cabinets.

Use a metal and oak workbench as a kitchen island and add a trio of burlap baskets underneath for extra storage.

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Armchair Junking: Wire Decor

American Pickers recently taught me that there are barbed wire collectors, who look for individual craftsmanship and unique shapes – it can even be quite valuable. Who knew? While I don’t collect barbed wire, I do love the handmade feel of vintage wire household objects and the old patina to shows its age.

1) I have a wire basket hanging on the wall of my bedroom and a mesh collapsable basket in the kitchen. I love that they are both functional and sculptural at the same time.

2) This pair of handmade wire utensils would look great hanging in a kitchen.

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Armchair Junking: Rainy Day Games

Sometimes you don’t want to over-plan your vacation and need a chill activity for a weekend evening in the country. Whether it’s a puzzle or card game, nights spent around a table with friends are always a great time. So build your collection of vintage games, pour a glass of wine, and settle in for the night.

1) When building your game collection, why not start with this two-in-one classics board: Carom and Crokinole. Thankfully, you can learn the rules to both games online.

2) Speaking of two-in-one boards, Backgammon and Checkers are a classic pair. The mother of pearl inlay makes this a special piece for your collection.

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Armchair Junking: Stargazing

Every great country house has a corner devoted to stargazing! The best are stocked with with an old telescope and amazing reference materials so everything is within reach. So put away your iPhone app because here are a few of our favorites for your next summer evening of stargazing.

1) A celestial globe showing star and constellations for a global perspective.

2) Wear a blue chambray dress with star embroidery to get into the spirit.

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Armchair Junking: Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Last night, I was thinking about what a bad reputation there is for wicker and rattan furniture (photo by Femina via 79 Ideas). When someone mentions it, my mind automatically goes to pastel patios in Florida, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I love the organic look and feel that it brings indoors and the great aged patina when it’s used outdoors.

1) A pair of modern Frederick Weinberg iron and rattan chairs are great for enjoying some sangria on the patio.

2) Wouldn’t this pair of arch backed rattan chairs look great with some colorful throw pillows?

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Get It Together: A Simple Entryway

I just love how the natural textures are repeated throughout this room (via Country Living) in the woven jute rug, arrangement of wheat and collection of straw hats. WIth such a minimalist design, it’s easy to bring this look home.

Start with a round pedestal table that you can paint in a charcoal grey, and place it in the center of the room on a new round jute rug.

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Round Up: Vintage Beach Style

In just about 10 days, we’ll be hanging out together at the beach in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are a few items that we’d love to have for an afternoon of sun and swim.

1) A great pair of vintage beach chairs – our friends would be so jealous.
2) A tall ships beach towel that reminds us of the Boston Harbor.