Get It Together: A Red (Accented) Kitchen

Sometimes when I have doubts about the red accents in my kitchen, rooms like the one above from Country Living rebuild my confidence. Strip away the personal touches, and you’re left with a showroom kitchen. But as an apartment dweller, it’s important to be able to add vintage touches to any space without changing the fixtures – like these new, bright white kitchen cabinets.

Use a metal and oak workbench as a kitchen island and add a trio of burlap baskets underneath for extra storage.

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Armchair Junking: Wire Decor

American Pickers recently taught me that there are barbed wire collectors, who look for individual craftsmanship and unique shapes – it can even be quite valuable. Who knew? While I don’t collect barbed wire, I do love the handmade feel of vintage wire household objects and the old patina to shows its age.

1) I have a wire basket hanging on the wall of my bedroom and a mesh collapsable basket in the kitchen. I love that they are both functional and sculptural at the same time.

2) This pair of handmade wire utensils would look great hanging in a kitchen.

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Farmhouse Friday: Victorian Painted Ladies

At drastically different ends of the price spectrum, we have a pair of five bedroom Victorian painted ladies in Upstate New York and New England. Both have the typical charms of a large Victorian home such as sprawling porches and ornate trim.

The best part of this house in East Durham is that it comes with a bunkie that looks like a miniature doll house. Can you imagine the surprised look on your guests’ faces when they see what a charming little house they’ll inhabit for a long weekend in the country? While the interior is quite bare-bones, I would love to build out a new kitchen around the white wood plank pantry in the corner.

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Farmhouse Friday: Living on Cape Cod

We’re in Wellfleet on Cape Cod this weekend, and we couldn’t be happier. In addition to time at the beach, the agenda includes the flea market, a rosé tasting party, and cocktails in town to drink up these last few weekends of the summer! After all of this fun, it’s hard not to imagine owning a summer house out here.

Wellfleet, MA

This adorable shingled house is looking out on the bay on the main road heading towards Wellfleet, not far from Erika’s family home. For year-round living, the house boasts of fantastic outdoor decks (upstairs and downstairs, it appears?) and a lovely sunporch (As a side note, the owners would love our round up of wicker furniture!).

We adore the exposed beams and open living room/kitchen/dining area downstairs since it encourages vacation togetherness. Upstairs, all of the ceilings are covered in white washed beadboard and some painted wide floorboards. To be honest, we want it as is. We wouldn’t change a thing.

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Get It Together: A Simple Entryway

I just love how the natural textures are repeated throughout this room (via Country Living) in the woven jute rug, arrangement of wheat and collection of straw hats. WIth such a minimalist design, it’s easy to bring this look home.

Start with a round pedestal table that you can paint in a charcoal grey, and place it in the center of the room on a new round jute rug.

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Farmhouse Friday: Saltbox

Upstate New York: Pine Plains, New York

Pine Plains and the surrounding area is one that I’m not very familiar with, but it is in a convenient location (just off the Taconic Parkway) for weekenders and just a short drive to Rhinebeck. I love this in-town saltbox for its bright interior and plentiful built ins. The dining room is lined with glass paned cabinets, the living room with book shelves, and there’s a great butler pantry for even more storage. The great downstairs hardwood floors are also complimented by wide pine floorboards in the upstairs bedrooms.

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Get It Together: A Camp-Inspired Powder Room

This great little powder room has a couple of camp-inspired elements, such as the shaving mirror and folding table, mixed with glamorous details. Who wouldn’t want to reapply a fresh coat of lipstick here?

The tri-fold shaving mirror is the centerpiece of this room. I love the extra sparkle from the beveled edges too.

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