Around Town: Brooklyn Flea & Green-Wood Cemetery

Since the last weekend of February, I’ve been to the New Jersey suburbs twice, Potomac, and Chicago as well as a weekend at the Hello Etsy: Re-Imagining the Marketplace conference. So this past weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday enjoying Brooklyn: my neighborhood of Fort Greene, as well as Park Slope and Greenwood. It was nice to wander around without any specific obligations and to see where the day would take me.

Brooklyn Flea: Outdoors in Fort Greene

I love this whimsical silverware set with faux bois handles, and it even includes a carving knife and meat fork. Wouldn’t this be great out on a picnic table, surrounded by pine trees and with steaks fresh off the grill?

Even the housewares and toiletries at the Brooklyn Flea are impressively displayed. I wanted to bring home this collapsable corner shelf and antique wooden ironing board.

The Gowanus Furniture Company was selling these incredible cutting boards, but why buy it pre-made when you can attend classes to make your own?  They were also selling the wooden bowls above. I’m certain that our great-great grand children will find these heirloom quality bowls at flea markets 100 years from now.

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HTT (Here’s The Thing): Learning Pottery

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn how to throw pottery on the wheel. There is something that feels so organic and natural about creating something by hand that you can use to serve food.

So, I signed up for a class a couple months ago and have been making clumsy attempts at structurally sound pottery for weeks!

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Armchair Junking: Enamelware Round Up

I love vintage enamelware for its rustic durability, bright colors, and crisp whites, so I couldn’t have been more excited I was given this sign a Valentine’s Day gift!  “Attention Chat Lunatique” definitely applies around here.  Three crazy cats live in our apartment, it’s just that two of them are in human form.

I did this chalk drawing of Ada before the original “cat party”  – a cocktail party to celebrate when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. I decided that my new sign belongs near the entrance to our apartment below the chalkboard.

This week, let’s look at other fantastic enamelware finds for the perfect collection.

1) Green trim seems unique in a world of black and navy, so I love this enamelware baking pan.

2) I’d love to wash fresh summer berries in this navy blue trim enamelware colander with a handle.

3) This cobalt blue trim enamelware dining set contains soup bowl/deep plates, two mugs, a small plate and a covered tureen would be a great set for glamping (glamorous camping).

4) This red trim enamelware basin would be a great fruit bowl or serving dish.

5) Another unique color is the teal edge on these enamelware mixing bowls and saucepan.

6) Finally, it’s easy to imagine this navy blue trim enamelware coffee pot filled with wildflowers.


As mentioned, here’s that chat lunatique – Ada.  Can you see the crazy in those eyes?


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