About Us

We are two city bloggers coveting country life via treasure hunting, farmhouse envy, one pot meals, old fashioned cocktails, home decor, and slow living.
What do we write about?  
DIY: We like to share our projects around the house and gift ideas created by hand.
Deep Stir: Many of our favorite recipes are one-pot meals, often shared with friends. Whenever someone makes a trip to the kitchen, the request, “Can you give it a deep stir?” rings through the house.
Farmhouse Friday: Given our city lives in Brooklyn and Cambridge, we’re always looking for an escape to the country for some relaxation and antiquing. In Farmhouse Friday, we dream about our future in the country.
Get It Together: So many of our favorite magazines and blogs have inspirational decor, and we break it down into the elements while linking back to online marketplaces such as Etsy or eBay.  Get It Together focuses on elements rather than collections.
Armchair Junking: Our best junking is done at rural thrift stores or barn sales, so when we’re unable to go junking in person, we do so from the comfort of our living room. Armchair Junking focuses on instant collections, rather than elements of a room.
HTT (Here’s The Thing): Similar to “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen, HTT means Here’s The Thing. We use it as a platform to discuss trends.
Small Town Travel Log: We’ll share our vacations with you – from our meals, cocktails, and adventures.
Junkspiration: When we come across unique objects or well done vignettes during our junking travels, we’ll share it as a quick snapshot.

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