HTT (Here’s The Thing): Glamping

For ages, I have wanted to go on a real glamping adventure. As a kid, I loved camping. I couldn’t get enough of sleeping outside, cooking over a campfire, being in the middle of nature – there was nothing more magical. Sadly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also gotten more used to certain creature comforts, making camping seem somehow not as appealing. But I’ve recently discovered that glamping (“glamorous camping”) is the perfect alternative for wimps like me – you can be right in the middle of a forest full of nature, but still sleep in a bed and have a hot shower. Here are some of my favorite spots.

While summer weekends may book far in advance, there’s still time to enjoy some cooler fall nights in the great outdoors without the crowds!

Featherdown Farm

(Photos from Featherbarn Farm website and Toby Barnes)

With US locations in California, Illinois, and upstate NY as well as many around the world, Featherdown Farm is easily accessible. It features cabins complete with wood stove for cooking breakfast (grab your eggs right out of the chicken coop every morning), cozy cupboard beds tucked right into your raised platform tent, toilets, and hot showers. And all on the grounds of a working farm – you even have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and pitch in by milking cows, feeding goats, and joining the owners for a farm fresh dinner each evening.

Camp Grounded

Camp Grounded‘s summer camp for adults in Anderson Valley, CA is kid-free and technology-free, so leave your smartphones at home! This retro 1970s camp features everything you remember summer camp to be – archery, color wars, songs around the campfire. You’ll sleep in single sex cabins, but sneaking out is highly encouraged! Sounds like an interesting way to relive some of those first summer memories.

Johnsburg, NY Glamping

These luxury glamping tents in Johnsburg, NY offer all kinds of well thought out design details – plaid blankets and throw pillows, a wood stove in the tent, enamelware dishware and crockery for campfire meals. And there is no shortage of outdoor activities in this Adirondack Mountain location, including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, and arts & craft instruction. Sounds like a dream!

Cabins at Your Local State Parks

If you prefer a DIY approach to glamping, the state park system is extremely appealing. There are a few that pique our interest!


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