Armchair Junking: Rainy Day Games

Sometimes you don’t want to over-plan your vacation and need a chill activity for a weekend evening in the country. Whether it’s a puzzle or card game, nights spent around a table with friends are always a great time. So build your collection of vintage games, pour a glass of wine, and settle in for the night.

1) When building your game collection, why not start with this two-in-one classics board: Carom and Crokinole. Thankfully, you can learn the rules to both games online.

2) Speaking of two-in-one boards, Backgammon and Checkers are a classic pair. The mother of pearl inlay makes this a special piece for your collection.

3) For the adults, a game of darts (dart board and wooden darts) can bring a lively, competitive spirit to any gathering.

4) Do you have a long hallway? No need to head to the alley when you can bowl at home with this wooden bowling pin and ball set.

5) Camelot: The Greatest of Modern Games claims to be quickly and easily learned. Put it in the mix to add variety to your gaming.

6) Expecting a week of rain? Challenge someone to an epic game of chess on this great vintage board.

BONUS: You can’t spend a weekend in the country without at least one puzzle. Choose a scene that speaks to you, such as this riverboat and rowboat vintage jigsaw puzzle.


2 thoughts on “Armchair Junking: Rainy Day Games

  1. This is a great reminder that no wi-fi and batteries are needed to have good family time together. Thank you for featuring my Vintage Jigsaw Puzzle. It, and other great vintage treasures ,ares available at TKSPRINGTHINGS on

    1. Terri, you’re absolutely right! We always forget tv is an option when we are out in the country too because we are too busy chatting with one another or enjoying games and the wood fire!

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