Farmhouse Friday: Living on Cape Cod

We’re in Wellfleet on Cape Cod this weekend, and we couldn’t be happier. In addition to time at the beach, the agenda includes the flea market, a rosé tasting party, and cocktails in town to drink up these last few weekends of the summer! After all of this fun, it’s hard not to imagine owning a summer house out here.

Wellfleet, MA

This adorable shingled house is looking out on the bay on the main road heading towards Wellfleet, not far from Erika’s family home. For year-round living, the house boasts of fantastic outdoor decks (upstairs and downstairs, it appears?) and a lovely sunporch (As a side note, the owners would love our round up of wicker furniture!).

We adore the exposed beams and open living room/kitchen/dining area downstairs since it encourages vacation togetherness. Upstairs, all of the ceilings are covered in white washed beadboard and some painted wide floorboards. To be honest, we want it as is. We wouldn’t change a thing.

4 BR/3 Bath; 1619 State Highway Route 6, Wellfleet, MA; $889,000


Provincetown, MA

Provincetown is just a few miles down the road from Wellfleet and such a fun day trip. But owning a little beach getaway on the main strip wouldn’t be too bad either. This house almost looks like an interior decorator had a hand in its design. The elevated outdoor porch with light blue beam boarding and oversized pillows and couches would be the perfect place for a cocktail party with friends at dusk. And the inside of the house is just as stunning – look at that gray-detailed clawfoot tub! We would love to spend a weekend in this house exploring all the local color and rich nautical history.

3 BR/3.5 Bath; 448 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA; $1,050,000



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