Small Town Travel Log: Art of the Barn Tour in Bucks County, PA

Last weekend, I took a day trip out to Lambertville, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania for the annual Bucks County Audubon Society sponsored Art of the Barn Tour.  The event featured local artists who displayed their work in each of the six barns on the tour (map of the locations). I was pleased to have made it to five of the six barns in one afternoon. The biggest surprises were the new animal friends that I made along the way – plenty of horses including a four week old foal, chickens, sheep, and two kittens (who are up for adoption, if anyone is interested).

I loved the worn plaster walls and the quiet, woodsy setting of the first barn of the tour.

The second barn was so much fun! I spent quite a bit of time visiting both the big guy up above and the four week old foal. If you follow on Instagram, there’s a great video of our new friend trying to clean Ian’s (peach-flavored, after his afternoon snack) hand!

The third barn and nearby gardens were magnificent! The barn itself was stripped down to the bare elements, but had a rustic and homey feel. With three floors of great open space, it could easily be a guest house or fun rec room for the owners.  The garden was buzzing with life – with butterflies and bees jumping from flower to flower.

At the fourth barn, we were given a great lesson on letter pressing by a local artist.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend much time here since we were nearing the end of the touring hours. So, we rushed off to the fifth and final barn of the day…

The fifth barn was a sprawling structure of wood and stone. I loved the white washed interior, nine-pane glass windows, and adorable shutters. Obviously, one of the highlights of the day was playing with these two little barn kittens!

Above all others, one of the artists truly spoke to our passion. Megan Franklin is an archaeologist and art historian who uses found objects (that some may see as junk) to create wonderful displays that she photographs. I wanted to respect her work by not photographing the art, but you can see plenty of amazing examples from her recent series titled, “Found (not lost.)” on her blog Be Ruffled.


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