Small Town Travel Log: Silver Bay

Six years ago last Sunday, our friends Katie and Rags got married at Silver Bay on Lake George, and to celebrate their anniversary, we spent the afternoon exploring their venue. The Silver Bay YMCA camp is over 110 years old and set on 700 lake front acres. You can rent hotel-style rooms or entire cabins on the camp property, each with their own rustic style. Even if you’re in the area, the camp is open to visitors to walk around and appreciate the idyllic¬†setting.

(The shot above, from 2007, is of us on the rehearsal dinner boat cruise around Lake George. From left to right: Greer, Katie, Rags, Erika, me, Erin, and Sondra in our nautical best.)

Perhaps the most impressive structure is the two story, 700 seat auditorium with exposed wood walls and filled with antique folding chairs. (Katie, above)

The wedding ceremony was in this charming stone church.

The boat house is a relaxing spot to sit in some rocking chairs to take in the view – in fact, rocking chairs can be found on most porches around Silver Bay. Erika and I took full advantage.

One more shot from 2007 – of the happy couple!

Happy Anniversary, Katie and Rags!


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