Small Town Travel Log: Ticonderoga

Since our senior year of college, Katie’s generous parents have loaned us their family vacation house in Ticonderoga for weekend visits. Last Thursday, as soon as I stepped into the kitchen and looked out on Lake George, I let out a sigh and completely relaxed. This year, we spent a day exploring town, stopped by Silver Bay YMCA camp, and went across the NY-Vermont border to Shelburne Museum.

The Hancock House Museum & the Liberty Monument

Every time we come to Ti, we drive past the Hancock House Museum and around the traffic circle with the Liberty Monument in the center.

Sea and port life are the features of the greyscale wallpaper on the upstairs landing of the house.

Stone houses make us a little weak in the knees on their own, but one filled with history and antiques was especially wonderful.

We can’t count the number of times that we’ve driven around the Ticonderoga traffic circle, but seeing the bronze monument up close was still impressive. Every angle has something new to offer, including an detailed image of Fort Ticonderoga.

Junking at Lonergan’s

Lonergan’s is a favorite junking stop, but it’s only open in the summers. Many of Katie’s great finds in her Potomac farmhouse are from Lonergan’s too. In addition to local treasures, he has military gear and nautical treasures.  There are snowshoes and lanterns of every shape and size.

I’ve always found the arms for these lanterns, but never the wall bracket piece.

You can find a large collection of blue Ball jars for half the price of the Brooklyn Flea, plus he’s open to negotiation for large lots. I bought all of my vintage bottles for wedding decor from him for a few dollars each.

I especially loved the collection of antique ship models.

Disclaimer: Lonergan’s is not for the faint of heart. His years of collecting are piled in an old barn with a sometimes leaky roof, and we had a near run-in with either a chicken or a raccoon – oddly, we couldn’t tell from the sound it made. That said, over the years, we’ve uncovered quite a few fantastic junking finds, and it is a regular stop when we’re in Ti.

Boating on Lake George

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate with us over the weekend, but that didn’t stop us from going out on the boat.

Roger’s Rock is an impressive formation, with its steep slope and elevation. It’s been a destination for Lake George visitors for over a hundred years! Check out these vintage postcards in the NYPL collection (one and two)

Sunday was finally sunny, and the boys took a quick dip in the icy waters. We sunned ourselves on the warm deck with Teddy instead.

Around Town in Ticonderoga

We saw two covered bridges this trip – and the one above is part of Ticonderoga’s Bicentennial Park. The La Chute River runs from Lake George through town, over the falls, under this covered bridge, and into Lake Champlain.


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