Get It Together: A Splash of Pink

I’m not usually a huge fan of pink, but this apartment, featured on Apartment Therapy, is a modern and elegant take on hot pink and is filled with vintage details.

Most importantly, start the room with a hot pink chandelier.

Center the room with a Burke tulip table and surround it with mid-century modern acrylic chairs.

Top off the table with a silver platter, a pair of brass candlesticks and a white porcelain horse planter to display some blooms.

Display your barware, including a silver and gold ice bucket and citrus on a duel level platter, on a brass cart in the corner of the dining area.

Make your walls pop with vintage brass mirror, a white horse head bust, and a pair of swan plaques.

Set up another vignette with a white and gold shelf, displaying a pink flamingo figurine, along with a large gold letter and some small round landscapes.

Finish the room with a large brass key and a pair of vintage ladies.


One thought on “Get It Together: A Splash of Pink

  1. Wow, this is amazing! Thanks so much for featuring my brass candlesticks! I absolutely LOVE the acrylic chairs. Your room has a joyful, fun and beautiful look, makes me want to be there!!

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