Small Town Travel: High Pocket Farm

High Pocket Farm is a beautiful, secluded house nestled high up in the mountains in Colrain, MA on the edge of a working goat farm. We stayed here this past weekend and just loved having such a peaceful and relaxing escape from city life.

We spent Saturday morning down on the farm and were so excited to meet a litter of nine day old goats! They looked almost like puppies and were running through the hillside jumping and bucking. The goats at the farm are all watched over by a giant llama that towers above them and a friendly yellow dog – both guardians of the flock.

This adorable little goat is up for adoption!

Later that morning, we took an amazing horseback ride through the surrounding property with just incredible views. Here are some of our new horse friends: Little Red, Apollo and Bangs in the pasture.

We were so excited to find out that one of the owners of the farm, Sarah McKusick, is an alum of our alma mater! It’s a tiny liberal arts college in upstate NY, so needless to say, it always feels like such a small world when you run into fellow alums. It made our visit that much more special.

Here’s Little Red mid-yawn after a long ride.

Later that evening, we went back up to the farmhouse for a glass of wine and a game of horseshoes. Having never played horseshoes before, Cathy and I were delighted to find out that we are not half bad – or perhaps lucky?

There was a fire pit up by the stone wall, so we decided to to grill our dinner campfire style: cowboy ribeye steaks marinaded in soy sauce and Jameson with baby potatoes in foil packets and grilled vegetables. It was delicious!

Finally, our friend Chris briefly got lost in the woods while on a hike, proving that sometimes you need to get a little off track to find some amazing junk:


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