Small Town Travel Log: Shelburne Falls, MA

Shelburne Falls, MA is a charming and picturesque town right on the edge of Vermont and the Berkshire Mountains. We spent a long weekend there to celebrate Cathy’s 30th birthday and soak up some of the local culture.
We started out the day by exploring the iconic Bridge of Flowers with local wildflowers in bloom up and down a bridge over the Deerfield River.
Then we walked around the falls, where there are a number of geological potholes drilled by the water into massive rock formations.
There’s an amazing trolley museum in Shelburne Falls that we were hoping to visit, but unfortunately, it’s not open until after Memorial Day! So we went for a mid-afternoon drink at the West End Pub on the Buckland side of the bridge. Their story of renewal after Hurricane Irene devastated the region and the restaurant was inspiring.
Later, we visited the cutest, independent bookstore called Boswell’s Books, named for their adorable bookstore cat Boswell, and stopped by Molly Cantor Pottery to admire her unique process. Then we had lunch at Bakers Oven Bistro, a wonderful farm to table nook in the center of town. They had the greatest Farm-to-Table spring vegetable white pizza that we all could not get enough of!
On the way out of town, we explored a pretty little covered bridge that was being scouted for a Robert Downey, Jr. movie! The town was buzzing with excitement for the upcoming shoot.
And that evening we had dinner at the Blue Rock Restaurant, where they have live jazz on Fridays and an amazing vegetable pasta with fiddlehead ferns! A fabulous day in a delightful country village!

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