Visiting Brimfield: What We Bought

While our haul was limited to small items, we picked up a few new favorites. Erika bought a lovely picnic basket as well as these amazing yellow and white drink holders on stakes for around the campfire or at the beach. I found a mahogany two drawer cabinet for my husband’s desk with deep drawers but a small profile.

I bought two enamelware Turkish coffee pots in green and cobalt along with a small sauce pot in a moss green. I loved the patina on these copper measuring cups that nest together for storage. My favorite item is obviously this tiny wooden masher to add to my collection!

For my next cocktail party, I found four drink stirrers in blue and clear glass.

For my enamelware collection, I also bought two refrigerator boxes, a small plate, and a small bowl with black and cobalt edges. I hope to use the refrigerator boxes for charming small storage in the bathroom.

For her kitchen, Erika bought these iron brackets and plans to mount a reclaimed wood shelf to hold her cookbooks and storage canisters. She also picked up a glass wine decanter, and for her mom, she bought a vintage yellow bowl to replace one that she broke as a child.

What did you buy at Brimfield? What was the most amazing item you saw but couldn’t bring home? Was there anything you were looking for but could not find?


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