Visiting Brimfield

Since January, we’ve spent countless hours talking about, planning, and getting excited for Brimfield. While we didn’t have any specific treasures in minds, we went open to ideas for great finds to bring home. I can’t count the number of times we said, “We need a house for all of this great junk!” Sadly, in the meantime, we picked up some great small items for our city apartments and had a wonderful day filled with great junk, entertaining vendors, and delicious hot dogs!

I can imagine these gears hanging on the walls of in an industrial styled living room, or the rusty architectural salvage for a more primitive theme.

The ground and ceilings of the tents were as important as eye level, as vendors displayed interesting objects everywhere there was space! The most glamorous tent around was filled with twinkling miniature chandeliers fit for a girly powder room.

Enamelware was to be expected, but the variety was incredible. Colors for every kitchen were available, and I picked up an assortment myself.

The best part about Brimfield is the unusual wares. These mini cars and unique filing cabinet caught our eyes.

Unfortunately, I had to pass on these gorgeous glass canisters, but I hope to collect a few one day. They’re ideal for organizing a potting table for the shed or displaying curiosities on some built-in shelves.

Did you visit Brimfield last week? Any plans to go again this year? We’re tossing around ideas for September…


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