DIY: Lamp Rehab

I wish I could say that the lamp below is a recent pick given its sorry state, but the slightly embarrassing truth is that it is a hold over from my husband’s bachelor days. Unfortunately, the shade has been impossible to replace – everything is either too big or doesn’t have the correct height. Inspired by Will Craft for Food, I decided the best option would be to wrap the base with rope, and to cover the existing shade with new fabric to cover the dirt.

I bought this rope on Amazon:

Starting from the top, tie the rope in a knot. Using a hot glue gun, coat the base of the lamp in sections with glue, and tightly wrap the rope around, holding it in place until the glue dries and sets. When you reach the bottom of the lamp, tie the rope in another knot to hold everything in place.

For the lampshade, I used a leftover burlap runner from my wedding. Align the fabric approximately one inch from the bottom edge of the lampshade. Working in small sections, coat the inside of the lampshade using the hot glue gun, and fold over the fabric. Once the fabric is attached around the bottom of the lampshade, flip it over and repeat for the top, pulling the fabric tight over the shade as you go.

Here are a couple other shots of my new lamp. I think it’s a huge improvement over the old, dingy one!


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