Armchair Junking: Pineapple Round Up

Pineapples seem to be everywhere this spring in both decor and apparel, but they’re not a new decorating scheme. In addition to their preppy past in many of Lilly Pulitzer prints, pineapples have a long history as decor. They especially popular in the south, where they are meant to represent a welcoming spirit.

1) At first glance, you might miss the tiny pineapple atop this silver butter dish. I imagine silver at the picnic table for buttering hot corn on the cob.

2) Serve condiments from a milk glass pineapple – ketchup for your hamburger or BBQ sauce for grilled chicken, perhaps.

3) Retro punch bowls are making a big comeback. Mine is a large hobnail pattern, but I also love the subtle pineapple inspiration in this set!

4) These gold-toned pineapple salt and pepper shakers are a glittery addition.

5) Light up your patio this summer with a pair of pineapple lanterns.

6) For your desk or bedside table, this petite brass pineapple lamp has great details in the leaves.

Bonus! I couldn’t leave off these pewter and glass pineapple drink stirrers to go in a tall, cold cocktail glass.

Do you have pineapples in your home or closet already? If so, where? If not, how would you add them to your life?


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