Around Town: Brooklyn Flea & Green-Wood Cemetery

Since the last weekend of February, I’ve been to the New Jersey suburbs twice, Potomac, and Chicago as well as a weekend at the Hello Etsy: Re-Imagining the Marketplace conference. So this past weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday enjoying Brooklyn: my neighborhood of Fort Greene, as well as Park Slope and Greenwood. It was nice to wander around without any specific obligations and to see where the day would take me.

Brooklyn Flea: Outdoors in Fort Greene

I love this whimsical silverware set with faux bois handles, and it even includes a carving knife and meat fork. Wouldn’t this be great out on a picnic table, surrounded by pine trees and with steaks fresh off the grill?

Even the housewares and toiletries at the Brooklyn Flea are impressively displayed. I wanted to bring home this collapsable corner shelf and antique wooden ironing board.

The Gowanus Furniture Company was selling these incredible cutting boards, but why buy it pre-made when you can attend classes to make your own?  They were also selling the wooden bowls above. I’m certain that our great-great grand children will find these heirloom quality bowls at flea markets 100 years from now.

Finally, if you’re down and out, how about some gold leaf or a pile of luck?

Junking in Park Slope

I regularly stop in Trailer Park in Park Slope for their rustic furnishings and housewares.

A stool made out of an industrial clamp was outside Sterling Place – a great spot for gifts and antiques, so I’ll be stopping in again.

I had never seen the Park Slope Armory, which is now a YMCA fieldhouse and gym.

Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery has the resting places of many famous New Yorkers, the highest point in Brooklyn, a Revolutionary War monument for The Battle of Brooklyn, and stunning views of Manhattan.


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