Get It Together: Reading Nook

There is no space quite as comforting as a little reading nook. It’s one thing that’s tough to come by in cramped city living, but I always do my best to put cozy spaces together as often as possible. Today, I’m modeling my dream book nook after this photo from Steph Modo blog.
Throw some white paint on a pair of vintage wooden benches like this to stack into an alternative wall shelf.
A cozy mid-century modern chair to snuggle up in with a good book and some extra comfort with this lovely, light blue pillow.
Use a pair of vintage picnic baskets beneath the lower shelf to store all your extra throw blankets and tchotchkes.
A piece of blanched coral makes a lovely curiosity to display on your bookshelves.
This cool vintage box radio helps round out a collection of art books.
Some clothbound aqua books offer some much-needed pops of color to your display along with an oversized blue-tinted glass jug.
A pretty rectangular, landscape oil painting adds another artistic level to your cozy nook.
Finally, some old-fashioned milkglass accents make for a lovely top shelf.
What do you do to make your home comfortable? Do you have any favorite nooks or corners? We’d love to see!

4 thoughts on “Get It Together: Reading Nook

  1. I like the way my landscape painting fits in this beautiful reading nook… thanks for finding and virtually assembling these treasuries with such a great taste!

  2. I love the benches and the blanched coral. Let’s make a reading nook when you visit in a couple of weeks, friend!

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