DIY: “Just Start” Embroidery

I have been looking for some fun and creative artwork to hang in my office at work, and I ran across this phrase one afternoon browsing through etsy stores, and just had to have it! What better advice to get you going in the middle of a procrastination meltdown: Just start!

You may remember our two recent projects (Yorkie tea towel and cat pillowcases), but this is a very easy project to start embroidery as a beginner.

After stretching your fabric on an embroidery hoop, use a disappearing ink fabric marker to write your saying. To keep my lettering even, I used a straight edge to draw lines as a guide.

Yellow thread coordinates well with the grey fabric and using yellow acrylic paint on the embroidery hoop will highlight the thread color.

With a basic backstitch, embroider over the marker lines.

Finally, use a wet cloth to erase the disappearing ink from under and around your lettering.

Do you ever want a prompt to “just start” too? What reminders and inspiration do you need?


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