Small Town Travel Log: Junking Finds in DC/Frederick

What we haven’t mentioned about our amazing and successful junking trip to Maryland is what we found in Frederick and at the DC Big Flea! You may recognize some of these great finds from Katie and Rags’ upstairs and downstairs house tours too since we quickly integrated Katie’s finds into her decor.

Here’s a lovely close-up of Nipper, the RCA dog, one of Katie’s many dog decor finds.

Katie bought this ironstone pitcher and basin to top off her upstairs hallway table and added a few vintage spools to her built-in shelves in the living room. Erika and I each bought a wooden spool that make unique paper towel holders for the kitchen!

These are my two newest mashers along side Katie’s stoneware crock and Erika’s two blue horseshoes.

For her dining room, Katie picked up a few silver-plated Revere bowls, displayed here with Erika’s vintage BINGO cards and porcelain salad utensils.

These yellow capped glass canisters with such a find for Erika! During our last trip to DC, she picked up the large, green topped jugs and the matching yellow pair was waiting for her at the DC Big Flea.  I think my vintage hankies make a nice accent for the canisters, and they remind me of our Green Kitchen Get It Together.

For my vintage linens collection, I bought two sets of frilly white napkins and a yellow trimmed stoneware crock to store them in.

You may recognize the brass vanity mirror from the master bedroom and the green enamelware bucket from the home office. Erika found a great set of etched coupe glasses that we immediately put to use for our rosemary bee’s knees cocktails. I have a few cut glass decanters from my wedding, so this gold trimmed decanter makes a nice new addition. I already have vodka, gin, and bourbon stored. Any suggestions on what to put in my new one?

Green must have been the color of the day because Erika bought a pale green cake stand and green horseshoe that coordinated well with my dogwood flower vintage hankie, small baking dish and linen table runner.

What is your favorite find? Should we have passed on any thing? Are you surprised to find out about the great junking in the DC area?


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