House Call: Katie and Rags’ Upstairs

Our friend Katie is the first of us to live the dream. Last fall, she and her husband Rags bought a farmhouse in Potomac, Maryland. While Erika and I had a quick house tour the weekend after they closed, this was the first visit after Katie and Rags moved in, and we’re excited to share their house with you. The best part of seeing their house was remembering where and when Katie found so many of the items since we typically go antiquing as a trio.

Let’s start upstairs in their three cozy bedrooms.

The master bedroom perfectly combines their two styles, with Rags’ nautical and outdoorsy influence infusing Katie’s Country Living style. Over the weekend, Katie found the brass oil lamp, vanity mirror and eggplant drawer pull to match her new brass and crystal chandelier. They bought the wood and iron bench on their recent five year anniversary trip in Upstate New York. I picked the claw foot side table at the Woodstock Flea Market for Katie for a steal, and she found the round wooden magazine basket during a junking trip to Essex, MA with Erika and me last summer.

Teddy’s favorite room in the house is the blue guest bedroom and home office since it is filled with warm afternoon light that streams through the sliding glass doors.

Rags found the side table in pretty bad shape, but freshened it with a coat of green paint and topped it with a marble remnant that she bought at the Cambridge Flea. The watercolor of the orchid hanging over the bed was painted by Erika’s mom as a housewarming gift.

Katie bought the roman blinds from Incanto Sewing Salon on Etsy along with some fabric to make the pillow and curtain on the sliding glass door.  You’ll notice that dogs are all over Katie’s house, including the Nipper, the RCA dog, on the desk and the iron doorstop relieving himself on her green enamelware bucket/trash bin, found at the DC Big Flea during our weekend.

Erika and I stayed in the green guest bedroom for the weekend.  Doesn’t it remind you of Get It Together: Red Guest Room?  The centerpiece of the room is the wood bureau/nightstand, which we set out to find at the Cambridge Flea Market last spring assuming it would be impossible to find – but, again, the junking gods smiled.  The three paintings of farmscapes were uncovered in an antiques store in Hunter, NY last Labor Day weekend.

The upstairs hallway is a sophisticated palette of light gray and black, and you may have noticed the beadboard ceilings throughout the upstairs that were hung by Rags as one of the many DIY renovation projects. Believe me, I’m taking notes for my own future farmhouse and I hope my husband Ian is too!  The ironstone washbasin and pitcher along with the stoneware were picked up during our trip to Frederick over the weekend as well.

Not to be overshadowed by the house tour, Teddy trotted out to make himself the center of attention again:

What do you think? Are you as impressed with Katie and Rags’ decorating skills as we are? What elements inspire you for your own home?  For me, it’s the black doors, beadboard ceilings and fresh color palette.


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