Small Town Travel Log: Frederick, Maryland and The DC Big Flea

As we mentioned in last week’s Junkspiration, Erika and I went to Maryland to visit our college friend and fellow junker Katie. We woke up early on Saturday to go to to Frederick, Maryland, and then to the DC Big Flea Market on Sunday.

Frederick, Maryland

Our first stop in Frederick was Old Glory Antiques Market. With over 100 vendors, Old Glory has a wealth of housewares and decor. The pick of the day was a stunning brass and crystal chandelier that Katie and and her husband Rags found for their bedroom.  Erika and I liked the graphic look of these printing blocks and the colorful collection of perfectly preserved vintage hankies, and I picked up a few of the hankies to use as cocktail napkins.

After working up an appetite, we headed over to The Silver Maple restaurant. The charming stone house could be straight out of a Farmhouse Friday.  The interior is equally stunning, with a hand-painted dining room that has a cozy fireplace and twinkling glass chandeliers.

After lunch, our next stop was Emporium Antiques in downtown Frederick, which also has booths featuring over 100 vendors. We spent hours looking through vintage prints, antique silverware, and drooling over incredible barware and china.  This fox weathervane would make a great statement piece on a dining room table.

When we couldn’t walk another step, it was time for dinner at Volt Family Meal. While the outside appears modern, and was once a car dealership, the inside is home to many unique finds from Great Stuff by Paul. We spotted large enamelware basins filled with ice to store carafes of water and coffee cups hanging on a vintage metal bottle rack. Start dinner with the chicken pot pie bites, followed by either the fried chicken, mushroom risotto and shrimp with grits.

DC Big Flea

We were ready to go again on Sunday morning and set off not knowing what to expect at the DC Big Flea Market. We found row upon row of every antique imaginable. Below are some highlights of our favorite booths, and later we’ll show you our finds!

This pear pillow is inspiration for a future DIY project with a little embroidery thread and some colorful felt.  Doesn’t this red chair remind you of the Get It Together: Red Guest Room?

I love these wooden storage buckets for the corner of a dining room. Wouldn’t they be great storage for extra table linens?

You’re all aware of my love for wooden objects, though I limit myself to collecting only wooden mashers. These paddles were wonderfully arranged in a wood bowl, and I loved the wooden shoe forms on a bakers rack. Maybe one day, I’ll have my own collection…

The most unique display at the Big Flea was this collection of antique hat pins. She had them in every color, arranged as bouquets in small porcelain vases. Don’t they make you long to wear a hat?

What is your favorite place to junk? Do you prefer estate sales, yard sales, flea markets, or antique shops?

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