Get It Together: Bar Cart

I’m inspired by the elegant color palette of dusty blue with gold for these two bar carts from Pinterest (left and right), and I also find vintage glassware irresistible.  My personal stock of vintage glassware far exceeds the the party capacity of my tiny Brooklyn apartment, yet I continue to purchase new sets to mix up my tablescapes.  Also, one of my favorite stories as a child was The Owl and The Pussycat, and a few thematic nods can be included.

Rather than a gold bar cart, this powder blue industrial cart is a great start and would pop against a dark blue wall.  It’s important to have at least one shelf below for storing glassware and mixers.

Since this bar cart has only one shelf, for extra storage underneath and to corral bottles on top, add these vintage wooden boxes with two sections each.

A bar cart is the area of your home where you should not play it safe.  Bold artwork, featuring a leopard, done in gold with touches of blue will draw in your guests and contribute to the fun.

Bottle openers are easily misplaced or moved about the room, so you should stock up. How about a hammer that doubles as an ice pick and owl?  Pair these with some bamboo handle bar tools for shaking up cocktails.

For chilled beverages, your bar cart will also benefit from a brass champagne bucket and a glass ice bucket with a gold rim.  Conveniently, the bar tools come with matching brass ice tongs too.

Now for my favorite: glassware. I love these vintage owl champagne glasses and gold rimmed wine glasses, both of which could double as cocktail glasses in a pinch:

Also, gold rim shot glasses, glittery gold striped highballs, and gold striped tumblers are versatile and appropriate for any liquor, which you can serve from cut glass decanters.

Now for the finishing touches.  Add this sassy tea towel to the handle of your bar cart for easy access to sop up any spills.  Offer these whimsical golden cat drink stirrers for everyone to enjoy and to identify each person’s glass.

What’s the key ingredient in your home bar – fancy glassware, a certain liquor, a unique mixer?  What’s your specialty cocktail?  Would you add anything else to make your bar cart?


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