Get It Together: Kitchenette with Green Details

Let’s face it – no matter how warm and inviting your living room or dining room, guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen, which is why it’s important to put together a cozy, welcoming space, like this mini model with fresh green details. This would be the perfect place to convene in the morning over a pot of coffee and some homemade biscuits.
Let’s break down the elements.
First a round kitchen table for guests to sit around – you can start with a wooden version like this one and layer on some light green paint. Try something muted so you can focus on brighter pops of color in other parts of the room – like these paint colors (left, middle, right):
Punchy yellow tulips could sit in this green pottery pitcher in the center of your new table.
Next, you can put your own shelves up above the sink with the help of some vintage cast iron brackets to display your kitchenwares.
Add in some vintage Fiestaware in yellow and green on shelving to make the back wall pop (green bowl, yellow platter, yellow bowl, and green platter).
Throw in an enamelware pitcher with green edges along with a coffee pot and teapot in mint green for the countertop.
These coordinate perfectly with vintage white enamelware mugs that can hang from the shelf above the sink.
Round out your kitchen makeover with this cute and quirky owl cookie jar.
As icing on the cake, display a few vintage yellow and green tea towels (1, 2, 3, and 4)
Do you spend more time in your kitchen than any other room? How do you make it homey and inviting? Post your ideas for a cute kitchen makeover in the comments!

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