Get It Together: Red Guest Bedroom

A great guest room should be flexible – suitable for singles or couples, kids and adults – which is what makes this room from Better Homes & Gardens perfect.  The color palette is mostly neutral, but the pops of red scream country fun.

Let’s look at the ingredients to make a welcoming guest room like this.

The first two elements are what provide flexibility: twin beds can be pushed together to form a king, but the red chair as the bedside table is key.  With a larger piece of furniture in between, guests would feel it’s a burden on the host for the beds to be moved.

Once the furniture is in place, layer on vintage white bedspreads with tan and red French grainsack pillows.

For the walls, my preference is for a gallery approach with groupings of similar images rather than a collection.  Six vintage beetle prints (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) in a row over the bed may inspire your guests to do some amateur entomology.

I also like the idea of three framed cartoons (elevator, office, and bus) of city living, ideally to bring on that “ahhhhh” feeling of being away from the city rush.

The finishing touch is a stack of vintage red books for some bedside reading.

Do you like a house full of guests or do you prefer privacy?  What do you think makes a great guest room?  What else would you add to make this room more welcoming and relaxing?

What rooms inspire you?  Share the link below, and we’ll try to create a recipe!


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