Armchair Junking: Vintage Clock Round Up

I ran across this photo on Design is Mine a couple weeks ago, and just loved the idea of a wall of vintage schoolhouse clocks in a kitchen. My kitchen, in fact, has a perfect blank wall just waiting for this kind of collection. I tend to think a gallery wall can benefit from some kind of color scheme, so this week, I’m rounding up my favorite retro wall clocks on etsy – color palette is blues and yellows.

1) This clock combines such a cool retro font and a fun color to make a splash in a wall collection.

2) I love the playful shape and the hip mid-century vibe.

3) So kitchy it’s cute!

4) Pretty and feminine yellow detailing.

5) This one has a great schoolhouse rock feel to it.

6) And a cute little cuckoo clock to round out the collection.

What kind of collections do you have on display? Would you try a wall of clocks? Chime in with your favorite ideas!

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