HTT (Here’s The Thing): Mashers

A few years ago when a group of us went to Pemaquid Point, Maine for a long weekend, I stumbled upon my first masher.  These humble wooden tools spoke to me: stories of homemade dinners before electric kitchen gadgets and modern conveniences or laughs at the idea of wives chasing their misbehaving husbands around the house.

My mashers were found everywhere from a stoop sale in Brooklyn for $1 to my recent group of four at various antique shops in New Hope, PA:

It’s been a slippery slope since my first masher, with my current collection clocking in at 15 (plus a couple oddballs).

Mashers aren’t rare, but they’re also not so common that I lose the thrill of finding a new addition.  They’re neither large nor heavy, and I pass on any that I deem to be too expensive.  Yet sometimes I wonder when my collection will or should be complete.

What do you collect and will your collections ever be complete?  How do you know when to stop?  Do you wait until you no longer experience the thrill of a new find? Or is there a sweet spot for the ideal number in a collection?

PS, If you’re interested in starting your own masher collection, here are some that are currently listed on Etsy: One, Two, Three, and Four.


6 thoughts on “HTT (Here’s The Thing): Mashers

  1. I knew you were out there somewhere! I collected mashers casually for years but mine are the wire masher with wooden handles. I have a 1 inch necklace charm masher, several made as Christmas tree ornaments, mashers which were part of little girls’ kitchen play sets, home made in-the-workshop mashers to oversized mashers used in restaurants. I have over 120 unique mashers but since we downsized our home I have no place to display them. It is still fun looking and I am sure I would pick one up for a buck is it were unique to my collection!

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