Armchair Junking: Book Ends Round Up

As a huge reader, I have always had a thing for book ends and other literary-inspired tchotchkes. I have book cases all over my apartment as well as a few shelves at work, so needless to say, I can never have too many book ends. Here are a few of my favorite vintage finds on Etsy:

1) Regency gold tone giraffes add a touch of whimsey.

2) I have this pair of brass sailing ships on my bookshelf in the living room – love the nautical theme.

3) Pineapples are such a fun-loving shape.

4) These ducklings would be fabulous for a child’s bookshelf.

5) A repurposed claw foot from a discarded bath tub makes for a really original book end.

6) Antique woodworking tools are surprising and sleek on a bookshelf.

What’s your favorite bookshelf style? Color-coated spines? Interspersed photos and trinkets? Jam-packed with books? I’d love to hear.

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