Armchair Junking: Coffee Table Round Up

I have had the same terribly rickety coffee table since my freshman year of college, so needless to say, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect vintage replacement for years. Here are a few different options that have gotten me excited for a living room update.

1) This one is all over the junk shops lately. I love the industrial factory cart with its original cast iron wheels.
2) A repurposed vintage pallet, salvaged from a factory in Massachusetts.
3) An old travel trunk – perfect as a coffee table, but with plenty of storage for your extra throw blankets inside.
4) I love this take on a DIY saw horse table – so simple, but such a statement piece.
5) An vintage chicken coop can be topped with glass or wood for a farmhouse feel.
6) If you’re adventurous, this handmade coffee table DIY combines reclaimed wood and pipes for a custom piece.

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