DIY: Embroidered Tea Towel

Our friend Katie’s Yorkie, Teddy, travels everywhere with her and, by extension, us.  So, for Katie’s recent birthday, I thought she needed something Yorkie themed, but I couldn’t find anything that captured the essence of Teddy.  I knew I had to do something about that.

Having embroidered some decorative lines on pillow cases once before, I felt totally equipped for this undertaking.

First, I online stalked Katie’s Facebook photos to find the perfect image.  I needed a photo with good lighting so I could trace as much of Teddy as possible (his outline, facial features, variations of fur, etc).  Freestyle drawing seemed like an unnecessary challenge to add.

These were my tools: an embroidery hoop, white kitchen towel, scissors, erasable pen, embroidery needles, and the perfect colors of embroidery thread.

I chose two colors for the outline of Teddy’s body – gold and black – along with silver for his furry details and pink for his tongue that always sticks out.

Using an erasable pen, I traced the outline of Teddy by holding the towel up to my computer screen, and then got to work.

Katie was thrilled with the results and immediately requested a set of 12.  After a gentle reminder of her would-be age when the collection finished, she quickly decided one would be enough.

If you’re also interested in embroidery as a new hobby, I learned the basic stitches from The Purl Bee Blog.  As mentioned, my only/prior project was inspired by their Two Color Embroidery Tutorial.


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