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House Call: Katie and Rags’ Downstairs


Today we continue our house tour for Katie and Rags’ Potomac, Maryland farmhouse by exploring the downstairs. Last week, everyone enjoyed the upstairs house tour of the master bedroom, guest rooms and hallway.

The cozy living room is full of Katie’s handmade throw pillows, vintage prints, and eccentric tchotchkes. The first items that Katie and Rags bought for their new house were the new ceiling lights. Katie is also searching for the perfect area rug for near the couch and a runner in front of the built-ins to complete the room.

This beautiful apothecary cabinet came from Wood Bull Antiques in Cooperstown, NY – one of the most unique antique stores. The nautical-inspired milk jug was found near Ticonderoga, NY at Lonergan’s Antiques.

You’ll notice a number of Katie’s collection of ornate oil lamps throughout the farmhouse.

Katie and Rags found this rustic chair and dresser at a thrift store in Virginia, and they transformed the dresser with a fresh coat of paint.

Their built-ins in the living room display a lifetime of favorite books and collecting – and even free finds like the vintage scale in the upper right. The two silver trophies were found at The Frayed Knot during a quick junking trip in Hoboken, and the two pressure gauges in the upstairs hallway were found there too.

Through the door from the living room is the formal dining room with a fireplace. During our weekend visit, Rags tended to the fire for our cozy dinners at home.

Katie is anxiously awaiting delivery of their new area rug for the dining room – a nicely faded oriental rug in blues and tans. It will match perfectly!

The silver candlesticks above and below were found at an estate sale in Potomac, where we stopped on our way to the DC Big Flea.

The three of us were driving from Hunter to Phoenicia in Upstate New York last Labor Day weekend and had to make a U-turn for a very promising yard sale. That’s where Katie acquired one of her best junking finds: this iron and marble pastry table that was a steal for $50.

Now that you’ve seen it all, which is your favorite room? Are you inspired to start a new collection? Do you have any suggestions or complements for Katie and Rags? Share your thoughts below.

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12 thoughts on “House Call: Katie and Rags’ Downstairs

  1. I find it very curious that I have that exact same milk can. Same color same picture…I know mine is from the 1970’s from MO. Curious

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  4. Love your sectional. Wondering where you purchased it from. I have been looking for something like it for a while now.

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  6. Hey ,Kate and Rags….I can see all the hard work you’ve done to your home in such a short time. It is a very charming home. Looks like it should be in Architectural Digest. Hope you have many cozy years there.
    Love, Millie

    • Hi Millie,
      Thank you so much for stopping by our blog to see Katie and Rags’ house. Hopefully we lured you in with your niece’s house and can keep you as a follower!
      -Cathy and Erika

  7. Oh! Takes by breath away. Katie and Rags, what beautiful rooms. You have done such an exceptional job of decorating.
    Much love and happiness in your new home. Enjoy many years there.
    X. Aunt Anne and Uncle Rob.

    • Hi Anne and Bob,
      Thank you so much for stopping by our blog to see Katie and Rags’ house. They’ve done such an excellent job, and we were especially excited to see how much it changed since the weekend after closing last fall.
      -Cathy and Erika

  8. Beautiful home, beautiful photographs, I want a pastry table like that one!

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